Saturday, January 16, 2010

From a second hand skirt to a first class apron.

Recently, through my boyfriends, brothers, new wife, I have acquired a pretty long skirt from none other than the mother land...The Philippines.

When I got it, I thought to myself, I will never wear this, but of course that didn't stop me from wanting it anyways. Sure I love new things, but I also appreciate the quality of Hand-Me-Downs. Something that can survive not only time, but multiple owners. Plus, everything can be of use, just maybe not in the way you had planned. Right?


This skirt, an awesome example of a Hand-Me-Down.

Being Modeled by none other then my little sister...whose taller then me.

And after a few hours the final product.

Being Modeled by one of my best friends Jennifer aka Lea.

My first almost item of clothing which has taught me that:
  1. Iron's use distilled water
  2. Dogs will eat unattended string.

Jayme Out.

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